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5 Ways to Be a Happier You

5 Ways to Be a Happier You

Author: Virginia James, M.A., LPC, LMHC, Strategic Life Coach

You Have an Attitude

At one time or another, I am sure you heard what it means to have an attitude. Your parents might have said to you, “You better change that attitude of yours!”

The thing about attitude is that it can be either positive or negative but you get to choose. You get to choose your attitude in life.

Some people live in a constant state of anger: anger towards others, blameful or simply unhappy about personal life decisions.

Maya Angelou said this quote: If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, 
change your attitude.

I saw this couple shopping at Aldi the other night. The man kept patronizing this poor woman telling her things like, “Why did you pick that type of cheese?”, “Move faster! You’re walking too slow,” “You’re just in the way!”

I thought to myself, “This woman just needs to leave him and get away from that negativity. What are those toxic statements doing to her on a daily basis?

Can You Choose Your Attitude?

Have you ever been around someone like that? Someone who emotionally and verbally assaults you on a daily basis. Hopefully you are not the person doing it to someone else.

Or have you ever been around a daily complainer? Unfortunately, it is all-too-common.

One thing is for sure, it’s definitely easier to have a poor attitude. Why not be different? Why not work on having a happier, healthier attitude? For some, having negative thoughts or thoughts that bring you down on a daily basis are totally normal. For others, having positive thoughts or being mainly happy each day is the norm.

If the last sentence isn’t true for you, keep reading. Here are 5 ways to change your 
attitude because attitude is everything in life.

5 Ways to Be a Happier You

  1.  Surround yourself with positive, happy people. Try not to be around those who are going to support bad decisions or try to influence you with negative behaviors such as lying, stealing, selling or using drugs, skipping out on responsibilities or self-harming. If you are one of those people, dig deep and find someone to ask for help. It is time to question your choices, your character and what you want out of life.
  2.  Stay out of gossip. Gossip can spread like wild fire. It is a disease affecting many all too often. This can include gossip-texting, gossiping on social media or gossiping in-person-at school, in a social circle or at work. All you have in this world is your word. People might know you as two-faced or simply negative-always talking or complaining about what’s wrong with someone or something. Some people gravitate towards that kind of talk and others are repulsed by it. Gossip is negativity and negativity is contagious.
  3.  Talk highly and think highly about yourself. No one teaches you to truly love yourself. William Shakespeare wrote the phrase, “To thine own self be true.” What does it mean to be true to yourself? It starts with valuing and respecting who you are. Think about what you are wearing, what you are saying, what you are thinking and what you are doing. Are you purposely dressing to draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself? Are you complaining about yourself to others? Are you thinking hurtful things about yourself that you would not say to someone else’s face? Are you taking part in risky behaviors? No one will respect you or love you if you don’t respect and love yourself first. If you’re not thinking highly of yourself and showing confidence, it might just be a bad habit. Habits can be changed. Seek and ask for guidance. Talking to a professional or reading self-help books are good options.
  4.  Walk around with a smile. Smiling actually releases endorphins and by simply smiling you are encouraging others to respond to you in a positive and open way. It can enhance your mood without putting forth much effort at all.
  5. Exercise. Get those endorphins and serotonin levels naturally up! By exercising and getting that heart racing, you can feel an elevation in your mood just by giving your body a good, healthy dose of self-love.

Now, if you are up to the challenge take on trying all of five of these in this next week. Then, comment and let me know what you found to be different. Were there any changes for you? Comment below and LIKE us on Facebook: I CAN TRAIN MY BRAIN. Plus, join my I CAN TRAIN MY BRAIN Group for more reminders like this.



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