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Life Lessons Worth Learning

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Life Lessons Worth Learning

In life there are life lessons worth learning. Some of these lessons are learned the hard way and some of them can be given by more wise individuals, that is, if you choose to listen. There are certain things you can count on in life and here are some of them:

Living Your Life in Zen

Change is constant. Nothing ever stays the same.

Have a sense of humor about yourself; life will be easier.

Enjoy the moment; don’t rush things. Try to be in the “here and now”.

These “Zen-like” statements, are certainly easier said than done. Are there life lessons you can learn without having to go through the tribulations? Maybe the discipline of acting has some answers to major life lessons.

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The Truth Behind Lies Inside Your Head

The Truth Behind Lies Inside Your Head

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Your opinions and beliefs in your mind can be playing tricks on you. Just because you sincerely believe one thing to be true does not mean it is truth. It can be an opinion and even a negative viewpoint on the world or towards yourself. Your meta-messages could be ruining your life. Here is the truth behind lies inside your head.

What is a Meta-Message?

How you live your life or define your truths is based on your belief system. In counseling, we refer to these “truths” as your beliefs or your “meta-messages.” A meta-message is a message received from reading in between the lines. As you might infer, meta-message itself may not be true but you might define it as being truth. Read more