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I Can Be Your Counselor or Strategic Life Coach


Do you want to find an Online Licensed Counselor?

Do you want to find a Personal Strategic Life Coach?

I’m listening! I am Virginia James, LPC and credentialed Strategic Life Coach.

Author: Virginia James, M.A., LPC, Strategic Life Coach

It has been a crazy road the last ten years. In following my husband and his career, I have put my real dreams on hold. Finally, come 2019 I will be adding followers, fans and clients to the “I CAN TRAIN MY BRAIN” tribe. This is super exciting!

In my journey, I have come to realize that I have a personal commitment to helping others feel happier. For over 20 years, I have been studying emotional health and well-being. For the last 10 years, I have counseled hundreds of clients struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and other limiting issues. If you know me (either on a personal or professional level) you know I love listening and helping everyone I speak to! I plan on capturing and packaging tidbits of information I have learned throughout the years and giving them to you in this blog. If it doesn’t pertain to you, please pass it along to someone it could help.

Follow me as I release blogs, vlogs, posts and educational series. Join me in this journey as I start my own online counseling and coaching business! Cheers!

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