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I’m Virginia James, strategic coach and licensed professional counselor. I’m the creator of this emotional intelligence program for early teens and 20 something’s (and beyond!) called Happy Mind. Happy Life. I’m going to share with you how you can improve self-awareness, be the master of your mind, be more confident and overall the best version of yourself.

If you have ever struggled with low self-esteem, a feeling of insecurity or an inability to feel motivated about life, this program can be the answer for you. Do you compare yourself to others? I’m going to show you how to improve your motivation, follow through, embrace your strengths and learn how to become an even better version of yourself. This program will encourage you to feel happier and more comfortable with who you are.

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn about themselves, increase their own happiness, and feel better about whom they are. And for the last year I’ve reached out to tens of people specifically with this formula. I help adolescents, early 20-somethings and beyond have the attitude of “yes”, a growth mind-set, and more self-knowledge.

This is an urgent concept because the important information you are going to discover in this course will help you invest in yourself. That is the best investment to make! Not only will you feel more amazing in your own skin but you will feel more amazing in your mind and love yourself.

Have you ever thought or felt, I want to excel and be successful in my life! I just feel like something is missing. Have you ever felt or thought, I wonder what he or she is doing to succeed that maybe I’m not doing? Or “What am I doing with my life? How come I’m not happier?” I am going to share with you the three biggest mistakes I see way too many people your age making when it comes to personal success. 1. They are not learning this information sooner. You’re never to young (or old) to learn and be reminded of these concepts. 2. Most are focused on things going on outside of themselves instead of learning about who they really are inside. And 3. They are not understanding how to look for the answers that are actually inside of themselves.

I’m really no different than you. I remember when I was growing up. I had some confidence and some motivation and even some insight into what was going on inside my brain. My emotions were all over the place though and so were my thoughts. My confidence changed depending on the events and circumstances. My self-esteem either decreased or increased depending on the situation and how I interpreted it. I was challenged by people outside of myself. And I was challenged by my own thoughts. I put a lot of energy into how others treated me and it confused me at times. I didn’t know who I was.

I began looking for the answers and that is when my journey began. I started reading about self-esteem and putting into practice all that I was learning. I am taking what I have learned over the last 15 years and packaging it in a simple course for you. It wasn’t until I was much older that I learned about the mistakes I was making. That is why I am sharing my package called Happy Mind. Happy Life. with you. I want to save you some time.

You might be asking, what is in this course for me? In my videos I am going to share and expose my proven and time-tested formula and help you create a better version of yourself or at least bring out the best side of you. I’m going to show you how to use your mind in order to become more confident, emotionally smarter and happier. I am going to show you how to be an even better version of yourself at a young age! I’m sure you’re awesome in your own special ways though already!

This program is just a formula-driven method as to how to get ahead sooner than later in life. This is perfect for you if you are open minded, have a willingness to take action, don’t make excuses and want to be better. This is not for you if you are a complainer, lazy, full of excuses or good at blaming  others but I am willing to take the challenge if you are!

What you need to do to get instant access is click the link below that says SIGN UP HERE and email me. I’ll put you on the list for the introductory portion of the course right away. It’s as simple as that.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Go ahead and sign up  today. I can’t wait to see you in the program!