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How to be a Happy Person- My Story

How to be a Happy Person- My Story

How to be a Happy Person- My Story

Online Licensed Counselor and Life Coach

My Superhero story…why I am blogging and starting a business

Author: Virginia James, M.A., LPC, LMHC, Strategic Life Coach
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ~Chinese Proverb
The launch of my business is happening now and will continue to happen through 2018 and 2019. 
The tools I have acquired in the last 20 years are what I plan to share with you!

“I am a brain-changer.” Are you?

What am I offering? Super-charged secrets on how to be a happy person. I offer opportunity to people of any age. The upcoming courses launching soon encourage others to know that failure is okay and although life is sometimes painful, there is purpose in pain. That is how we grow. Adversity, when harnessed, can be powerful. Learning how to love yourself including all the different parts of you is a part of this opportunity.

Will my courses make you happier, smarter, more powerful? Damn right. Will you be a master of your mind? Yes. Join the others in becoming brain-changers.

When I was younger I had a desire to be something important, but I did not know what. I think a lot of people feel that way. I had an opportunity and desire to be a professional dancer and choreographer. However, my parents wanted something different for me. They wanted me to graduate college on the academic track and my father wanted me to become a doctor.
I compromised. I committed to starting school with a major in psychology and a minor in dance. Was my father disappointed? Yes. I walked away not feeling good enough (this was problem #1). Deep down inside I wanted to be recognized for my talents and be known as an entertainer. However, I had low self-esteem (this was problem #2).
My low self-esteem may have been apparent to some but not to others. I felt no motivation, insecure, troubled, confused and beat down. This held me back in many areas of life: relationships, career, and entertaining. Along the way, I settled. I settled for less than I was worth. I settled on relationships, jobs, major in college and also passed by many entertainment opportunities.
It wasn’t until I felt uncomfortable and depressed that I was motivated to figure myself out. The failure of relationship after relationship pushed me to learn about my role in relationships. This in turn allowed to start understanding my self-worth and the deeper-rooted issues I had. Failure at auditions perpetuated me to see how I could move through or around walls being built instead of moving away from them.
My education became my biggest growth-related investment, which was largely unintentional. It became no surprise at all, that I ended up in a place which was exactly where I was supposed to be. Ultimately, I became a known choreographer and dancer in ways unintended. I became recognized for my talents in the communities I lived. I combined these talents with my academic choice and gave back creatively to my clients. My plan is still to do so in the coming years.
Through facing problems, learning about self, and mastering my mind, new opportunities unfolded. They came flooding in. Happiness is a reality each day. I finally realized that the answers were inside me the whole time. (And they are inside you too.)


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