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Good Foods, Good Mood

Photo credit: Nathan Cowley Pexels

Good Foods, Good Mood

Have you ever thought about how your mood reacts to the foods you eat? Some say it is easy to become addicted to sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods. In today’s society, it is hard not to be. It can be appealing because wherever you look there are foods that are presented to you for convenience.

What Are You Buying?

Take a look at the middle aisles in your grocery stores. These are full of processed or high sodium foods. Or take a look at all the fast food chains throughout America. There are too many to count.  One could argue that the commercials on television are geared towards convenience and especially busy moms.

By staying away from these processed foods and gravitating towards eating raw, whole foods, you are increasing the likelihood to have a healthier, happier life. If you are fighting depression, these food choices become extremely important.

There is a reason why the more sweets and processed foods you eat, make you feel up at first, but overall prove to show a decrease in energy. Depression and depressed people need to pay attention to this article. The foods you eat in conjunction with simple lifestyle changes can make a major difference. It could be the difference between you suffering with depression or overcoming depression.

(DISCLAIMER: Medication-management is recommended by psychiatrists for those suffering with severe to extreme depression. A healthy diet can be a helpful factor in aiding your battle against depression. For mild to moderate depression, alternative treatment and modifications to diet can be noticeably helpful.)
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