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5 Tips on How to Love Yourself

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5 Tips on How to Love Yourself

How to love yourself more is a subject we do not learn about in school. Some start thinking about it when relationships fail. Perhaps you question  your self-worth or self-esteem. If you have ever heard this quote: “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself first,” you might want to learn more about this in order to be in a successful, intimate relationship with another person.

Loving yourself is a process. It is a process towards accepting yourself. By learning about what makes you, you, you start the process. If you can appreciate all that you are (even your flaws), you are on your way. When you accept all that you are, you are aware and improving your character flaws. You choose to acknowledge them enough to start working on them. These flaws might include, dishonesty, inconsistency, selfishness, or poor communication.

Here are tips on how to love yourself.

Finding your True Self

When you are learning about who you are, it can be confusing. Too much time alone can bring up feelings of sadness or anxiety for some. Being along with your thoughts can at times lead to negative feelings. However, finding your true self means getting quiet with yourself even if there are challenging thoughts during that quiet time.

Knowledge is power. Getting to know who you are while in a quiet state can be powerful. Think about it. How much time do you spend being quiet with yourself for even twenty minutes per day? Many people avoid it but in reality this is one way to get closer to knowing what is important to you. While, we are constantly adapting and changing throughout our life experiences, honing in on our true self is ever-changing.

It takes time and patience. Growth itself comes from working through various experiences. By taking care of yourself, meditating, sitting or walking in nature, practicing self-care and increasing your healthy coping skills you are able to be on a path to finding your true self. Read more